It all started back when our semi-retired owner Greg Gorsuch wanted to get solar for his own house. After speaking with several installers and receiving high-priced proposals, he realized he could merge his roofing company with another electrical company to offer a superior value within the solar industry. This sparked the creation of what would become Forecast Solar. Hundreds of installations later, we have managed to take this initial energy and turn it into one of the most competitive and well-rounded solar companies in Washington.

That's exactly what sets us apart. 

Forecast Solar is a built on a foundation of successful roofing and electrical contracting. We have not merely hired roofers and electricians but, we actually have decades of contracting experience in these highly competitive fields.

By bringing all the traders under one roof, we offer a unique efficiency and seamlessness to the entire process. This translates to more competitive prices and peace of mind. 

We have helped lead the way making solar possible for anyone with good solar exposure in Washington to have renewable energy and to get paid for doing it.