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We will guide you through all the necessary steps to see if solar will work for you. It's simple, free, and easy.

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Don't take our word for it. Here is what our clients are saying about us. 


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In the 30% Federal Tax Bracket?

Businesses may be entitled to receive additional tax benefits and reduce the cost of future electricity even further. 


In 2016, solar officially became cheaper than fossil fuels.

-World Economic Forum

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Who We Are

Forecast Solar is a built on a foundation of successful roofing and electrical contracting. We have not merely hired roofers and electricians but, we actually have decades of contracting experience in these highly competitive fields.

By bringing all the traders under one roof, we offer a unique efficiency and seamlessness to the entire process. This translates to lower prices and peace of mind. 

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Our Impact

We are proud of being the first company in Washington to have made PV systems truly affordable. Our state has an enormous capacity for solar that the industry has barely touched. By employing our strategy for lowering prices and driving volume, we have forced competitors to lower costs and rethink how we build the future of solar.



Houses in one neighborhood

Solar power is contagious. Once your neighbors see the checks you're receiving and how easy we make the process, they want to take advantage of the lucrative incentives as well.



Business from referrals

Our referrals are what makes us who we are. We don't spend money on marketing and let our clients do the talking. This allows us to pass on our marketing dollars towards lowering prices and ensuring superb service.




Modules Installed

From out-of-state commercial projects to utility installations in the Cascades to residential homes throughout Washington, we have you covered.  


Solar employs more people in producing electricity than coal, gas, and oil combined.

– U.S. Department of Energy


December 2017

"I interviewed 8 solar PV installation companies and got bids from 5 including the company the City of Bellevue chose as it preferred installer.  Forecast Solar not only beat all comers significantly on price but most importantly had superior technical knowledge of Solar PV AND roofing.  Not surprising as one of the owners created a roofing company from scratch and built it to 100 folks, putting himself through a PhD in Philosophy in Edinburgh University.  That same discipline permeates Forecast.  They have encouraged all local installers to drop prices to further accelerate the adoption of solar and increase market size. Forecast's energy yield forecast was spot on and 10% more than needed to max out rebates.  They even said it was likely 10% more but wanted a safety margin to get a 6 yr ROI"

-Todd   Bellevue, WA