This is one of the biggest concerns when considering a photovoltaic system for your home:

“Won’t I lose on my original investment if I sell my home?”

Absolutely Not.  According to the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), a cost appraisal for your home takes into consideration all the present and future assets of the property and its improvements.  Regarding photovoltaic systems, the value of your home includes the value of the electricity and any future incentives the system will earn over the next 25 years, which totals up to far more than what your system cost

One of our former customers had to sell their Bothell home within five months of our installing a 6.1 kW system (for family health related issues they needed a one story house). Both the modules and inverters were warranted for 25 years. The estimated electrical value over that time was $13,157; the expected WA State Production Incentive remaining equaled $19,446. The equity added to the house because of the system totaled $32,603.

The same model home in that development had just sold three months earlier, so they added $30,000 to the actual sale price at which the other home sold. Their own home sold the day it went up for sale (January 18, 2014); three parties wanting it, two of them highly motivated by the solar.

Their original solar investment of $17,175 (after the 30% Fed Tax Credit, original price $27,207) became $30,000 in five months!  All this to say, you do not have to worry about losing your original investment if you had to sell your home.