Only the best

We use state of the art equipment with proven track records for every facet of your solar energy system. Everything from the modules to the inverter to the racking. 

Below are the main products that we use, but we also have extensive knowledge and experience with many other modules, inverters, and racking. If you have a specific request, we can easily tailor your solar energy system exactly as you like it.

Modules - SilFaB/Itek

Silfab/Itek is Washington state’s only module producer. Consistently ranked as one of the best solar modules in the world, we have installed tens of thousands of these modules with only one failure.

Now that in-state made modules have no incentivized advantages we are beginning to use selected high quality modules from out of the state.


In all our systems, we hold aesthetics in high regard. That is why many choose to have all black modules installed. Comparing them in the photo with the other modules, you can see how much more sleek and attractive they look. They complement your roof appearing as a more uniform black structure instead of individual modules. 

Inverter – SolarEdge, SMA, and Enphase

We have lots of experience with a variety of inverters, and we’ll choose one catered specifically towards the unique needs of your system. Remember that the inverter is essentially the brain of your solar array and one of the most vital components of your system.


They have recently become the largest used string inverter in the United States and with good reason. Their new HD Wave inverters are smaller, more efficient, and less expensive than almost all other inverters on the market (with an optional 25 yr warranty).


With a long-established presence all over the world, SMA inverters have proven their place in the solar industry. One unique feature about the SMA inverters is that they can be equipped with a special outlet allowing customers to pull up to 2,000 watts if the grid goes down. This means in the event of a power outage, if it is daylight, you’ll be able to run your refrigerator and a few other electrical loads.


If your system could benefit from microinverters then Enphase is what we suggest. Microinverters are where you have a tiny inverter on the back of every panel and can be extremely beneficial for roofs with lots of shading.