Why Forecast Solar?

We are proud Of being the first company in Washington to have made PV Systems truly affordable.  By bringing all the trades needed for solar installations under one company, we install quality PV systems more efficiently . . .

A Solar Company Built On Decades of Roofing & Electrical Contracting

Forecast Solar has not merely hired roofers and electricians to work for us, we are a solar company with decades of successful roofing and electrical contracting (since '84 & '91 respectively).  Though solar is currently 90% of our business this former experience provides our customers with a unique sense of peace and assurance found nowhere else.  

The efficiency that comes from this history, along with having all three trades under one roof, is what optimizes our operations to meet our goals of quality and affordability.

Forecast Solar has helped lead the way making solar possible for anyone with good solar exposure in Washington to have renewable energy, and to get paid for doing it.